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Dr. Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, Marilyn Lowe’s Music Moves for Piano series, and an overall philosophical shift to an audiation-based approach to music instruction continues to sustain my love of teaching piano on a daily basis.

Before I went all in with Music Moves for Piano, I was frustrated and I considered giving up piano teaching even though so much of my life was aimed at making this my career.

I believe deeply in this method, not only because it works for my students, but because it has made me, and continues to make me, a better musician. I can’t say that about any other piano method I have tried.

But change is hard and curriculums and methods can be complicated and overwhelming. That’s why, in addition to teaching piano students, I am dedicated to supporting piano teachers who are looking for more answers, and a better way, like I was.

What’s in a Music Moves for Piano Lesson

Music Learning Academy

I am honored to be among the team members of Music Learning Academy.

Krista Jadro’s Music Learning Academy is dedicated to supporting teachers as they trial, establish and grow a thriving audiation-based piano studio using the principles of Music Learning Theory or the Music Moves for Piano method.

The audiation-based (as opposed to notation-based) approach to piano lessons is still a relatively new approach and requires a deep understanding of what, when, how, and why we do what we do as audiation-based music teachers. However, change can be difficult. That’s why MLA is here to offer courses, webinars, resources, digital content, and community support. The reward is well worth the challenge.

Introduction to Audiation-based Piano Instruction and Music Moves for Piano Facebook Group

I began thriving once I joined a community of like-minded piano teachers.

Krista and I also admin a Facebook group for teachers interested in applying audiation to piano lessons. It’s a great place to get started and ask questions.

Keys to Music Learning Podcast

Unlock your students’ musical potential.

The podcast that discusses common goals and challenges in the piano studio, and offers research-based ideas and solutions to guide every one of your students to reach their full musical potential with audiation.

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