Hannah Mayo, Audiation-based piano instructor

Welcome to Mayo Piano, a place to partner with an experienced audiation-based piano teacher for a lifetime of music learning.

My name is Hannah Mayo and I believe that music learning is for everyone. We are all born with a unique collection of music aptitudes and have the potential to learn to be musical. That potential is best tapped at a very young age.

I specialize in curating a lifetime of quality music study, both at and away from the piano, utilizing Dr. Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and Marilyn Lowe’s meticulously crafted music curriculum, Music Moves for Piano.

To begin this journey with me…

Students should be age 6 or younger. Parents (or other primary adults) should be prepared to support and facilitate at-home listening and playing activities.

Read on to learn more about what I do and who I am as a piano teacher.

Young Children

I resonate especially well with students that I begin teaching at a very young age. I have the strongest bonds and the most success with these students.

The best time to acculturate to a large variety of music and cement important music foundations and readiness is from birth to age 9. In order for me to be the most effective teacher, students should begin informal guidance at age 4 (sometimes 3) and begin to transition into formal instruction around age 6 or 7.

If your child, is over the age of 6 and looking for a piano teacher, visit the Find a Teacher page at the Music Teachers National Association website or use the contact form to inquire about other teachers and lesson opportunities in the area.

Parent/Adult Involvement

A lifetime of piano study is a huge investment of time and money. Music lessons, for the young, are rarely successful without parental support.

From carving out time in the day for listening to music selections and engaging in piano activities to being there for recitals and performances, the child’s primary adult(s) play a big role in this journey.

Learn more about me and the Mayo Piano way.

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