Tuition Schedule

General Information

The tuition rates are determined based on a full calendar year of 35 weeks of lessons. Some months have lessons every week and some months may have only two lessons (depending on breaks and holidays). Be aware that monthly tuition has accounted for the unbalance in the number of lessons given each month and tuition is set at $150/month no matter how many lessons are given that month. There are discounted options for anyone paying a semester or a year upfront.


Invoices are sent via email according to the tuition schedule. Pay online through the PayPal portal or by check or cash.

Other Fees

Invoicing for books are sent when students first begin lessons and each time they graduate to a new lesson book. You can expect a books/materials invoice about once a year, for $30 to $40, and never more than $50, depending on the books.

Event fees are the responsibility of the student/parent and will be billed to you if/when they come up. Event fees range from $10 to $30, depending on the event.

Monthly Payment Plan

Due Aug. 7$150
Due Sept. 4$150
Due Oct. 2$150
Due Nov. 6$150
Due Dec. 4$150
Due Jan. 1$150
Due Feb. 5$150
Due Mar. 4$150
Due Apr. 1$150
Due May 6$150
July Optional

Semester Payment Plan

($100 Annual Discount)

Due Sept. 1$700
Due Feb. 1$700

One-Year Payment Plan

($200 Annual Discount)

Jan. or Aug.$1,300
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