1. The Woodpecker Practice

Let’s Get Started

Let’s Chant

At-Home Activity

Count piano keys together.

  • Only the black ones
  • Only the white ones
  • All the keys
  • Whatever your child is interested in

Let’s Sing

“The Woodpecker”

From Keyboard Games Book A, pg. 1


  • Dynamics: A little soft
  • Tempo: A little fast
  • Meter: Duple (Du-de Du-de)
  • Piano Keys Used: Sets of three black keys
  • Keyboard Register: High and middle
  • Hands: Two hands play separately
  • Technique: Arm movement with a soft fist

Note: Your kids might not want to practice the piano piece from Keyboard Games, especially in the early days of piano lessons. That’s ok and there is no need to force practice. You can watch/listen to the practice video together instead.


Make sounds on the piano that sound like your favorite animal. Is your animal loud or soft? Fast or slow? What area of the piano sounds most like your animal?

From the Author

Keyboard Games Book A and Keyboard Games Book B are for young children and beginners of all ages. Young children, at this developmental stage, can make music at the keyboard by improvising and playing short pieces. Also, engage children of this age in many activities away from the keyboard that use the voice and body movement.”

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