2. The Apple and the Worm Practice

Let’s Get Started

Let’s Chant

At-Home Activity

Wiggle different fingers (like little worms) and let them crawl around on the keys.

Let’s Sing

“The Apple and the Worm”

From Keyboard Games Book A, pg. 2


  • Dynamics: A little loud
  • Tempo: Not too slow
  • Meter: Duple (Du-de Du-de)
  • Piano Keys Used: Sets of two black keys
  • Keyboard Register: High and treble
  • Hands: Two hands play separately
  • Technique: Arm movement with the middle finger

Note: Your kids might not want to practice the piano piece from Keyboard Games, especially in the early days of piano lessons. That’s ok and there is no need to force practice. You can watch/listen to the practice video together instead.


Review “The Woodpecker”

From the Author

Music Aptitude. The potential to achieve in music is called music aptitude. Music aptitude is developed until age none when it stabilizes. A rich and appropriate musical environment for young children that includes purposeful singing, chanting, body movement, and rhythm and tonal pattern acculturation influences a child’s potential to learn music. Guided improvisation and creativity activities affect music aptitude.”

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