8. Floating Clouds Practice

Let’s Get Started

Let’s Chant

At-Home Activity

Listen for macrobeats and microbeats in the music of your environment. Sway side-to-side to feel macrobeats while simultaneously tapping microbeats.

Let’s Sing

“Floating Clouds”

From Keyboard Games Book A, pg. 9


  • Dynamics: Soft
  • Tempo: Slow
  • Meter: Triple (Du-da-di Du-da-di)
  • Piano Keys Used: A set of two black keys
  • Keyboard Register: Treble
  • Hands: Right hand alone
  • Technique: Arm movement using the middle finger

Note: You can have your child “take a ride” on your hand to help them how to keep their hand shape round but not tight. Children like the playfulness of “taking a ride” and it’s a great thing to do if you see them poking their middle finger out (finger isolation). They can rest their hand on yours and feel the arm lift the hand to play each piano key as they rest their finger group on your hand.


Review any piece(s) learned so far. Make changes to your pieces by moving them to new places or using the rhythm patterns in new ways.

From the Author

Rhythm. Develop the habit of chanting a rhythm introduction before beginning to play. This establishes both meter and tempo. Have children chant or “think” the rhythm patterns of a piece while they learn and perform it. Rhythm syllables are Du De (doo day) for Duple meter and Du Da Di (doo dah dee) for Triple meter. Movement activities guide the child toward feeling pulse, meter, and flow.”

The following video is not developmentally appropriate for your children, but if you, the adult, are curios what these rhythm syllables are all about, this video is a good explanation.

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