13. Old MacDonald Practice

Let’s Get Started

Let’s Chant

At-Home Activity

Remember to review previously learned pieces often and have students make changes to them. After they review a piece, simply say “change it” and see what creative thing they will do with the piece. You may add a sticker or smiley face to each page you practice!

Let’s Sing

“Old MacDonald”

From Keyboard Games Book A, pg. 14


  • Meter: Duple (Du-de Du-de)
  • Piano Keys Used: Two white keys (DO-DO sound)
  • Keyboard Register: High
  • Hands: Two hands play separately
  • Technique: Arm movement and alternating hands

Note: As students begin to feel more secure in remembering individual pieces, they can string pieces together into medleys or combine pieces in creative ways to make mashups.


Try playing a duple meter (Du-de) soft fist medley by playing “The Woodpecker,” and “Silly Silly” one right after the other, without stopping.

From the Author

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