12. Circles Practice

Let’s Get Started

Let’s Chant

At-Home Activity

Think about a fun activity that you love to do. Maybe it’s playing outside, drawing pictures, or baking cookies. Create a song, piano piece, or a chant about the activity.

Let’s Sing


From Keyboard Games Book A, pg. 13


  • Dynamics: Soft
  • Tempo: Fast
  • Meter: Duple (Du-da-di Du-dda-di)
  • Piano Keys Used: Three white keys around the sets of two black keys
  • Keyboard Register: Low and bass
  • Hands: Two hands play separately
  • Technique: Arm movement using adjacent white keys

Note: Learning to balance the hand on the middle finger, early in the piano learning process, is essential to comfortable and efficient playing. Help at home by gently reminding your student to maintain their “puppy hands” by lightly keeping the fingers together (not squeezing them).


Create different “Du-da-di Du-da-di” or “Du-da-di Du” ideas using soft fists, middle finger, or both.

From the Author

Essentials. In beginning piano instruction, students should learn rhythm coordination movements and chant rhythm patterns; sing in tune and sing tonal patterns; recognize same and different; engage in body movement activities; use the “right” hand-fingers on the “right” piano keys; improvise; learn how to approach the keyboard physically; and remember “how a piece goes” along with its playing location.”

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